Welcome to Impasto, where graphic design has depth.

We deliver rock-solid ideas, designs, illustrations and motion graphics that communicate in a simple, effective and direct way that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The right design for the target market is an intellectual decision with lots of thought and doesn't come from an all-night, drug induced "brainstorm session".

We're not here to change the world, or re-invent communications. We won't pull the big agency BS or sell you on airy-fairy concepts that nobody understands which require 5hr presentations & expensive lunches to explain.

Look in your cupboard at home. Most of your clothes probably come from Mr Price and Markhams. The experimental arty-farty statements we see on Fashion TV have no place in our regular lives.

We don't even have to like the finished product (actualy, neither do you). What's all important is that the target market the design is aimed at likes it and responds. If this happens, the brief has been fulfilled and we've totally succeeded.

We play well with others so we're more than happy to use your suppliers. We understand the: "I have a mate who can organise a good price" concept. Just understand we're not into the whole kick-back golden handshake thing. We don't buy our clients and think it's insulting all round.

If you're new to using a design studio, please read our document "The Business of Graphic Design for Newbies". It outlines our work process and and covers a few industry standard common practices. Please don't consider it a "Ts & Cs apple" document. Since we're in a very flexible service industry, It's just to help everyone to be on the same page and creat a great working relationship.

Click here to read our document:
The Business of Graphic Design for Newbies

Click here to see our documentation:
Our Level 4 BBEEE Certificate

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