Design, Concept, Composition, Typography, Colour are tools to create awesome communicative products. In the hands of our skilled designers, they are manipulated to enhance the message, not distract. Professional design, applied consistently is essential to a strong brand. Get it right now, and avoid re-doing it all in the future.

To us, the internet, coding and software aren’t  just required tools to deliver our products… they are our playground. The technical back-end is just as important to us as the designed front-end. Web sites, Web apps, eCommerce, Online business services, Hosting can’t just be pretty, they must be functional and relevant to your business.

To really engage with your target market, you need to capture their attention. Sound, movement and interaction is so much more powerful than a flat, 2D image. Social Media platforms are all changing to accommodate Video, Animations, Virtual Tours because that’s what their users are demanding. Don’t be dull… engage.

Okay, we can’t claim to know it all, but every employee is a qualified expert in their relevant disciplines. Every day, we combine creativity and current trends with technology and experience to deliver solutions to real-life business needs. Consulting,Training, Workshops and general insights are all natural spinoffs of this.

What the hell is an Impasto?

We deliver rock-solid ideas, designs, illustrations and motion graphics that communicate in a simple, effective and direct way that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The right design for the target market is an intellectual decision with lots of thought and doesn’t come from an all-night, drug induced “brainstorm session”.

Look in your cupboard at home. Most of your clothes probably come from Mr Price and Markhams. The experimental arty-farty statements we see on Fashion TV have no place in our regular lives, and our designs are no different – what’s all important is that the target market the product is aimed at responds positively. When this happens, the brief has been fulfilled and we’ve totally succeeded. Our aim is successful clients – not stroking our egos by winning awards from our peers.

Services we offer… Hmm, this is not as simple as it would seem. We’ve chosen the company description of “Design & Multimedia” rather than Agency, Design Studio or Production House for a reason.

We do just about anything that involves communicating using visual means. If you consider this, everything from a business card to a website, brochure to a corporate video, has a message that needs communicating that requires visuals to emphasise that message. The basic priciples of: colour, composition, psychology, legibility etc are the same across the board from logos to packaging, stationery to websites. It comes down to “do we have the right software for the job” more than anything else (and we have lots of [legal] software!).

We are part of a larger group of companies within our building that expands our services to include Events, Audio, Large Scale Video productions, Voice artists and even InStore Digital broadcasting, but just because we don’t mention a service, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it, so just ask.


You’re probably looking for a gallery of portfolio pieces… sorry, there’s no traditional gallery section on this site. Instead, patch our 3 minute showreel instead. It’s a lot quicker than browsing 30 webpages, and, well, we are a multimedia company, so why shouldn’t you watch a video hosted on YouTube?
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