A deposit of no less than 40% will be paid before phase 1 begins. An invoice will be generated for this deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and covers all work done in phase 1 leading up to the initial presentation of the design.

A final invoice will be issued at the end of phase 2 once all final artwork has been approved.

Final deliverables will only be handed over upon final payment.

If the project is running late due to client’s actions (30 days or more), Impasto reserves the right to issue a “work in progress” invoice at the end of the month to cover work done up to that time.

40 days of no feedback from client will be viewed as the cancelation of the job. Time and costs incurred to date will be charged for.

Impasto reserves the right to suspend further work on all current projects and services if any payment is not forth-coming within 7 days of invoicing.

Scope Expansion

Scope Expansion (aka Scope Creep) refers to the change in a project’s scope after the project has begun. Typically, the scope expands by the addition of new features to an already approved feature list or unexpected new content. As a result, the project drifts away from its original purpose, timeline and budget. Impasto’s quote does not make any provision for scope expansion and any additional work requested that was not covered by the approved brief and will be charged for accordingly at Impasto’s relevant rate as authors.

This Design & Development Proposal outlines all deliverables that Impasto & client will be held.


A timeline of deliverables will be generated in the 1st phase and Impasto endeavours to keep to it, however, it is also dependant on the client delivering on their commitments.

If the client does not respond to Impasto with feedback/answers within 3 working days, the project will lose priority.

Impasto will interpret the urgency of the project by the client’s response time and will work accordingly. eg: an immediate response will receive 24hr turnaround time, but a 2 week delay in response will be implemented sometime within a similar time frame.

Customer Responsibilities & Supplying Content

A single representative of the client will deal with Impasto. The initial presentation can be made to a group, but a single individual with the appropriate authority is required to brief Impasto, supply changes and give final approval. If multiple stakeholders require involvement or the project is handed over to a new individual, Impasto must be informed so as to amend the quote appropriately to accommodate the extra stages that will be required to reach final approval.

All content being supplied any client must be delivered to Impasto during phase 1 of the project. No design will begin until all content has been supplied and the sitemap been approved.

Content must be supplied clearly, logically and in digital formats. Retyping text, scanning photographs or tracing logos will be charged for appropriately.

Acceptable content text formats: .txt .rtf .pages .doc .docx .xls .ppt and placed in the body of an email (PDFs are not reliable for text extraction and may be rejected)

Acceptable image formats: .psd .tif .png .jpg .gif .pdf or any RAW camera formats (When in doubt, just provide the source file. eg: Do not place images into a Word document)

Impasto can provide the client with editable PDF content forms to help guide the client in assembling the content if the client so wishes.

Supplied content must match the approved sitemap. Alternatively, the sitemap will be modified which may incur additional costs due to scope expansion.

Supplied content must be  final, pre-approved and proofread before being handed over. Unapproved content frequently results in excessive changes that could have been avoided.

If Impasto is providing copy writing and producing all the content for the site, then the content will still need to be approved before proceeding with design work.

All supplied copy MUST be the property of the client and/or been granted permission by its creator to use it. If it is not yours, you didn’t make it or don’t have permission to use it, then you are breaking copyright law and/or the PoPI Act. (Tip: if you got it from Google images, then you are probably breaking copyright law – don’t do it. Ask Impasto where you can source images for legal use.). Impasto assumes that all supplied content passes the above requirements and may legally use the content without recourse.

By accepting the quote and these terms, you are declaring that all content supplied may be legally used by the client and may be legally passed onto Impasto for use on the client’s projects.

By paying the deposit, you agree to all the terms and conditions in this document, unreservedly.

Impasto retains ownership and possession of all master, working files used in the design and development of the client’s project. These files can be handed over at an agreed upon price. The client owns all final files eg: Repro-ready PDF. If a purchased item’s cost has been passed onto the client, then the client owns that item eg: a stock photograph or a photo prop.

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