Logo & Corporate Image

Your company logo is the heart of your business’s brand. It’s going to influence the corporate image (CI) of everything to come – now and in the future, so it’s really important to get it right. A good logo is not just legible, unique and appropriate to your service/industry, but it must also reproduce reliably and consistently. It must survive in black & white, be embossed into leather, engraved onto a plaque, cut out of steel, printed on a pen, made into a rubber stamp and be embroidered. If your pretty new 3D logo with drop shadows can’t do these things, then you’re guaranteeing a future “re-brand” which will require reprinting EVERYTHING.

We’re not just selling a logo, we’re providing insurance against that expensive, future re-brand.

Print Design

Brochures, catalogues, flyers, stationery, folders, banners, signage, sales material, forms, delivery books, financial reports, magazines, print adverts, office wallpapers and corporate profiles are the tip of the iceberg of what can be printed and proof that print is not dead, despite the rise of the internet, email and other digital services.
Printing is expensive to re-do, and yet the repro skills required for reliable printing is fading out and being lost by the new generations of graphic designers. There’s no substitute here for experience combined with a close working relationship with reliable printers.

Knockout / overprint, bleed / dot gain, single black / full colour black, CMYK / SPOT / RGB, PPI / LPI / DPI, Ink limits and halftones – if your current designer doesn’t know what these are or how to apply them, then you’re running the risk of costly reprints or wasted advertisement bookings. (Note: if you have an in-house designer who’s a bit short of knowledge here, we do provide workshops. Enquire about our ‘Repro Ready’ workshop we offer in conjunction with Minuteman Press)

Web Design

A website is your digital HQ. Like it or not, everything online converges here. Whether it’s a single landing page or an extensive 500 page online magazine, it needs proper consideration so it delivers the goods.
We like to compare a website to an employee. When you’re looking to hire someone, you know their position and exactly what they’re expected to do. Same with your website. Is it expected to sell, promote, market, reference, train, distribute, educate, book, share or do something entirely different? If you have no idea what your site should be doing or what role in your company it should fill, we can consult and advise you here.
We work in HTML, WordPress and PrestaShop to deliver nearly any type of website performing any function. (Note: If we can’t do it, we won’t outsource and mark it up – we’d put you onto the right person for the job and trust you’ll return.)

Email Marketing

Emails are the little brother of websites. Effectively, they are 1 page websites in an email’s InBox with a very specific, focused purpose (eg: to sell, educate, remind, distribute or grow memberships). Done well, an email has the highest response rate among all social media and advertising platforms.
Email campaigns come with full analytics and reporting to guide you to create the most popular content for future emails.

Note: We nearly listed Emails in the technology section because they are more of a technical challenge than your average website. There are 21 different email applications in use spread over 5 operating system platforms and will be viewed at up to 7 different screen sizes. To get consistency across cellphones, tablets, laptops and desktops requires a lot of troubleshooting. There are also best practices to consider to avoid spam & junk filters, image blockers, file size filters, frequency of sending, double opt ins, blacklisting/ whitelisting, ISP filters and broadcast regulations to conform to… so sadly, a technical [potentially ugly] email that reaches the entire mailing database is far better than an impactful, beautiful email that only reaches 10% of the same database because it has ignored all the rules of digital communications.

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