No more counting hours

Hourly rates are a catch 22… Either we charge too much per hour, or we’ve spent too much time on the job. Quoting holds its own problem. We practically need to do the job to know how long it’s going to take us, so a quote has to accomodate all this lost admin time. It also has to assume excessive changes and scope creep, so project based billing can be unnecessarily high.

Our solution is just to do what you want us to do. Send us your brief and we do it. No timetracking. No quotes. No variable task rates. No time wasted on quotes and approval.

Not quite sure why this works better?

For R7,500 per month, you get:

No timetracking

No timetracking means you are not limited to the hours you use each month. It also means you don’t feel short-changed if you didn’t use all your allocated hours. Hours carrying over to another month carries its own problems. Do they expire. Do they add up indefinitely? The package seems wrong?

No delays

If you need to take our quote around the office to get sign-off on every flyer, ever banner, every presentation, you lose valuable design time. Imagine getting your first proof instead of a quote…

Stronger brand building

The first thing we do is create a CI document (corporate image) for your company and work from it for all your projects. When it’s one design team using the same resources on every project, you get consistency that is impossible when third party companies “throw in” design for you to just get the printing portion of the job.

Us vs employing staff

Get your own in-house design team for less than the salary of a new graduate with zero experience – without the HR issues, office furniture, computers and software costs that follow a new employee.

Unlimited changes

If you’re one of those perfectist types and need 15 sets of changes on every job – no problem. Usually, this would cause a job’s cost to skyrocket, but not now. (Obviously, the quicker we wrap it up the quicker you can go to print and have your doohickey, but hey… that’s your choice)

Faster turnaround

No-one has to worry about time tracking, keeping within a quote, or getting permission for extra budget, so when we get your feedback on a project, we just knuckle down and do it. (A 32 page catalogue might take a little longer to turnaround, but we will get onto it within 24 hours)

Limited to only 8 clients

We don’t over-sell our services so we limit ourselves to a maximum of 8 clients

Not only do we limit the number of clients we take on, but we also only take on clients we can work well with. We don’t just take you on because you dangled some cash under our noses. We’re not “graphic design street hookers”.

Extras price list.

Obviously some things are not included. Mostly because they carry an associated cost or extra equipment.

Handmade illustrations instead of just using stock photos. R1250 per illustration
Photography. Pack photography of small items is fine, but it’s different if we need to hire a studio or spend a week onsite photographing your teambuilding event. R4200 per day
Month-end recons with timesheets. This is enormously time consuming. (If you want this, please ask up front so we can add it to your contract fee – we can’t invent timesheets for last month) R600 per month
Anything on-site. We can’t multitask or even read email while we’re on-site, and then there’s travelling costs. R4200 per day

Some ideas of what you might use us for

Logos – Flyers – Pullup banners – T-shirts – Expo stands – Facebook banners – Avatars – Corporate gifts – Notepads – Catalogues – Folders – Power Points – Tags – Vehicle wraps – Signage – Stickers – Social media posts – Linkedin banner – Pack photography – Charts & diagrams – Zoom virtual backgrounds – Animated logos – Slideshows – Business cards – Certificates – Letterheads – Interactive PDFs – Posters – Newsletters – Booklets – Brochures etc…

Abuse us!

For just R7500 per month, you have us over a barrel delivering design artwork. 
It’s hard to think of a reason to not to take us upon this deal.

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