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Don’t you hate it when your web designer blames your hosting for a site that’s down, only to have the hosting company throw the blame back at the web designer? You’re stuck in the middle with no website.

When we host the website we created, we have no excuses and no-one to blame. The buck stops with us.

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Service Add-ons:

WordPress maintenance

We manage the health of your site. Running updates to the WordPress core, plugins and themes can be scary and the risk of something going wrong is very real. Leave it to us. Don’t stress.

Realtime backups

If you’re running an eCommerce store using WooCommerce, then a daily backup isn’t sufficient. Imagine the grief of losing a day’s worth of orders? You’ve received payment, but don’t know what to send and to who. Webackup your site after every sale so you’re always up to date. 

Offsite Security

Remote security scanning and repairs. You wouldn’t use a laptop in a coffee shop with out protection, so why not your website? Off-site scanning is not affected by any compromised files in your site so it’s far superior.

Extras price list.

Either add these to the packages above if they are not already included, or take them on their own. The choice is yours.

WordPress maintenance (simple site for once-month updates)
eg: A few pages with a blog
R350 per month
WordPress maintenance (Complex site for weekly updates)
eg: Membership or eCommerce
R650 per month
WordPress maintenance (Complex site for weekly updates)
As above, but a busy site. eg: 1 sale per hour or more.
R1150 per month
Realtime off-site backups with maintenance R650 per month
Once-off website hardening & improved security R1500 once-off
Off-site active security
(malware scanning & firewall)
R250 per month

Full Transparency Guaranteed

We don’t hide our resources from you. In fact, we’re very proud of who and what we use to deliver the best possible service to you.

Awesome Hosting

If you think we have a PC box in the corner of our room for hosting, you’re mistaken. We are authorised resellers for a2 Hosting and take full use of their custom built servers that are optimised for WordPress (and other PHP-based, database driven type websites like Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop)
Feel free to read up on their awesome technologies on their website.

Realtime backups

Blogvault is an excellent off-site backup service that backs up your site after every “event”. Everytime something on your site changes, it performs an incremental backup. This means every eCommerce order is backed up the moment it’s made… not daily or even hourly.We then get a dashboard to manage the backups, and even a simple 1-click to restore your site, even if the site has crashed or even been deleted!

Blame us!

By using us for website creation, website maintenance, changes and hosting, you make us the sole responsible entity for all your online grief.

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