We don’t know anything about dentistry, chemical engineering or bio-mechanics, so why should we expect you to know the digital space, color psychology, universal symbolism, appropriate web platforms, typography and and the other goodies we work with on a daily basis to better establish your brand or communicate your message or position your business online.

We can advise you on all areas of visual communication and web marketing before you blindly jump in and potentially waste money. We can also do assessments and reporting on existing media, e.g.: websites, branding and corporate image.

You can even use us to interpret quotes from other designers. Companies tend to use a lot of jargon and advertising BS to pretend to be smarter than they really are to impress you. We’re more than happy to be used as an outside consultant to help you make an informed decision between quotes and their relevance to your business.

Training Workshops

We are happy to share our knowledge and up-skill you and your staff. Some might see this as teaching ourselves out of future work, but we see it as empowering and raising the levels of respect for our industry.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are very capable individuals who believe they can do everything themselves. Considering how social media and many other online services are intended for self-service, this is largely true, however, it’s a minefield out there and who has time to learn from the school of hard knocks?

Our workshops hold your hand through services you can do yourself. We can’t transfer 20 years of skill and knowledge in one day, but we can help you avoid common mistakes, use [legal] resources for free, create a consistent corporate image, make files that print reliably and generally avoid making material that looks amateurish and homemade.

T&Cs, Glossary and Work processes

A great working relationship is based on clear communication between all parties and has everyone on the same page, moving together towards the same goal. Copyright, industry standards, responsibilities, jargon etc all need to be clear upfront. The end of a project is not the time to be debating payment terms or document ownership.

Here are a collection of articles outing Impasto’s stance on all these issues. Obviously, we are a service company, so let us know [before a work commences] what you’d like changed and we’re sure we can accommodate your needs. Nearly everything is open to negotiation… but not after the fact.

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