Video & Animated Motion Graphics

Video is the fastest growing media on the internet. YouTube is the world’s 3rd largest search engine (second only to Google & Facebook) and social media platforms are scrambling to accommodate it or risk becoming obsolete. Demand is so high, that even Twitter what was built on the principle of 144 text characters, now supports video!
Run a YouTube channel, vlogging, staff communications from the CEO, unboxing of products, training, corporate videos… the sky is the limit. Anything you can deliver in writing, can now be delivered as a video, just with so much more impact through a multi-sensory experience.

Whiteboard Marker Videos

If you struggle to explain your product or service without doodling on a serviette or waving your arms around, this is the perfect solution for you. Keep it tight, concise, visual and clear. Take your standard elevator pitch, amp it up and deliver it digitally. No longer confined to elevators, use them personally in presentations, sales pitches and training or distribute digitally by email, on websites and shared through social media.
We’re your one-stop-shop. You provide a script, we’ll adjust it to make it better, conceptualise the storyboard, draw the cartoons, source backing music, record the voice over and deliver the final product in a range of sizes for different uses.

Online Virtual Tours

360 degree photographs pieced together into an interactive tour that’s hosted online. This is the next generation of the online gallery. You can embed text, images and even videos to expand the expand the experience increase the information being delivered.
This is ideal for any public space that takes bookings or is for rent. Conference centers, restaurants, holiday lodges, campsites, showrooms, virtual offices, galleries sports facilities… the list goes on and on. By giving a sense of scale and displaying the relationships between the images, it removes the risk of poor holiday bookings and reduces the need for site visits by event co-ordinators. (Note: all imagery can be edited to deal with potential security concerns, eg: erase alarm keypads or sensors)

On-site Sound Recording Studio

Professional audio is usually the least considered element of video, but if voice is muffled or echoes, the sound effects drown out the people or the background is filled with the hum of an air-conditioner, then the whole production suffers. Our on-site audio recording studio is unique in its size. Most studios are merely soundproofed booths (frequently just a converted walk-in cupboard). Ours is large enough for a 4-piece band or a group of up to 10 [small] people! (You can experience it in the virtual tour of our office above)
Bookings are on hourly rates and includes Willem, the sound engineer. Willem is also a muso – skilled in 4 instruments and even capable of composing music, so consider us for TV and Radio adverts as well.
Some unique uses of audio recording beyond the obvious corporate videos are VOIP menu messages, gaming sound effects, podcasts, phone conversation interviews and “cleaning up” off-site audio recordings like AGMs and board meetings.

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