A website is your digital office space or property. Today, having a website is as important as a business card.

We often hear people complain that they have a website but it doesn’t do anything to benefit the business. When we create a website, we like to view it as a digital employee. If you were employing someone, what would that position be? We take that position and give that functionality and purpose to the website.

We work with HTML, WordPress, PrestaShop and a host of other online tools and platforms to deliver to your needs and comply to all official web standards. We implement security, SSL, backups, speed, mobile responsiveness, quality hosting and all the other goodies that make Google and your visitors happy and allow you to sleep peacefully knowing everything is functioning.

“I can make my own website in WIX, so why should I use you?” is a common statement we hear. The answer is simple with 3 reasons:
1 – Time. What’s your time worth to you? Can you afford to spend 50 hours building your website when you should be earning a living during that time?
2 – Impression. It’s usually very clear when someone has made their own website. An amateurish website implies you are struggling in business and can’t afford to pay for basic services. Surely you want to appear successful?
3 – Quality. Anyone can make it look pretty, but when we create a site in WordPress, we do a custom installation, implement security, set up automatic off-site backups, deactivate un-used components and activate auto-updates. This will put your site in the top 5% of secure WordPress sites for peace of mind.

Web Applications

We believe functionality is all important and believe in upgrading your site with eCommerce, interactivity, virtual tours, memberships, document distribution, blogs & newsletters, forums, training, tutorials, white papers etc. to give your site an active role in your company.

Phone apps are now on the bleeding edge of technology and are much simpler to create that most people realise. A simple, multi-platform app starts at R10 000. Imagine getting your eCommerce website on your customers’ phones for that price? Other possibilities include delivering newsletters, subscription-based content, staff training, membership incentive programs and free SMS messaging.

Basically… if your website can do it, we can put it in a phone app.

Document Distribution System (DDS)

Impasto’s DDS is a self-hosted application which means it is installed on a web hosting account. It lets you upload documents and assign them to specific clients that you create yourself! Secure, private and extremely easy to use. No more depending on external services or e-mail to send those files!

Unlimited clients, unlimited users, unlimited files & sizes means no restrictions or hidden costs. Rent month-to-month from us or buy it outright and run it on your own web hosting server and own it for life.


South Africa’s eCommerce industry is exploding. In 2017, it broke the critical level of 1% of retail done online. Our rate of growth is more than 3 times higher than that of America and Europe so now is a fantastic time to enter this business space. Overnight, your market reach can go from a single suburb, to global.

We work with 2 eCommerce applications, namely WooCommerce on the WordPress platform when a shop is an add-on to a multi-purpose website, and PrestaShop for larger, dedicated web businesses where the online store is the primary/sole function of the site.

Can you think of a reason not to sell online?

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